Web Development

  • Step Research

    Back End Developer

    • Setup backend structure of laravel application. This included migrations, relationships, and integration with laravel's nova resources
    • DevOps web server management and security
    • Unit Testing with PHPUnit
    • Assisted in the development strategies for promoting the application

  • The Right Profile

    Jr. Full Stack Developer

    • Web based psychology software with clients that ranged from professional athletic teams, to law firms.
    • Primarily focused on backend development, utilizing MySQL, PHP, and various APIs. Also created organized, interactive UX code with HTML/Bootstrap 3/4 & jQuery
    • Thought through all facets of a problem, and brought up concerns where necessary

Game Development

  • Real Nifty Games


    • AI Programming
    • UI Programming
    • Puzzle Implementation

  • Goliath Games Studio


    • UI Programming
    • Puzzle Implementation
    • Flashlight and scare triggers

  • Rhinoheart

    Time Tear

    • Weapon mechanics
    • Level design & implementation
    • Basic asset creation


Bachelor of Arts

Major - Digital Media: Game Design

Minor - Computer Science