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★ IVD原料,酶,辅酶,酶底物,发光发色底物,阻断剂,抗原,抗体,抗血清、质控血清、微球等。涵盖肝功、肾功、糖代谢、胰腺、血凝、心肌标志物、血脂、特种蛋白、电解质及无机离子、肿瘤标记物、优生优育、激素、自身免疫等临床检验试剂核心原料;

★ 美国仕必纯Spectrum透析、过滤产品,切向流(错流)过滤系统;

★ 蛋白纯化填料, Protein A, Protein G, DEAE, 亲和等凝胶;

★ 生化试剂,标准品。







Beijing Springup Scientific Co., Ltd. is committed to provide IVD manufacturers with high quality materials and solutions. We also supply a full range of biochemical reagents, fine chemical products and experimental equipments to Research Science Institutes.

Our main products:

★ IVD raw materials, enzymes, coenzymes, enzyme substrates, luminescent chromogens substrate, blocker, antigens, antibodies, antisera, control serum, microspheres and so on. Covering the liver, clinical testing renal function, glucose metabolism, pancreas, blood clotting, cardiac markers, blood lipids, special protein, electrolytes and inorganic ions, tumor markers, prenatal and postnatal care, hormonal, autoimmune and other reagents core materials;

★ American Spectrum laboratory dialysis products, tangential flow (cross-flow) filtration system;

★ protein purification packing materials as Protein A, Protein G, DEAE, affinity gel, etc;

★ biochemical reagents, standards substance.

Our mission: We are committed to provide IVD customers with value-added services, building pleasant working atmosphere and creating great career development scope, sharing resources, growing and establishing long and stable strategic relationships with suppliers and partners.

Our vision: We will try to make a first class enterprise respected by customers, trusted by partners and satisfactory to staff.

 We will also make our effort on becoming one of the industry leaders so that our customers can respect us, our peer can trust us, and our employees can continuously stay with us.