About me

I'm a junior developer, on a constant search for satisfaction. I try to make the most of my time, and stay busy with music and gaming.

I'm a graduate of the University of Central Florida, and received a BA in Digital Media: Game Design with a minor in Computer science. During my time at UCF, I evolved my developer skills working with teams on complex game projects. Have a stronger programming background than most, I focused on implementing mechanic and game logic that could be harnassed by artists and level designers.

I really enjoy making music in my free time. I find it's the thing that I'm best at, and get the most enjoyment out of. I feel very relaxed when I sit down and play whatever comes to mind on the guitar. I appreciate the freedom I've built up on the instrument over time. I like coming up with song structures, and have finally obtained all the gear I need to get my ideas down.

I also enjoy some quality video game time.